FUTURE COMPOSER AMIGA Not "Video Game" but AMIGA :p anyway almost all music made with this software Future Composer is super excellent. That sound is like magic for an chipmusic ear. 100% retromanian 8bit delux with extra nutts and crack. Download and try it in your Amiga 500 now! :p
GLOBAL TRASH AMIGA DEMO The music from the Amiga demo Global Thrash by Jesper Kyd is a classic for all Amiga lovers out there? One of the best 4-channel Protracker modules maybe?

Not bad anyway, great stuff :p

METROID NES That atmosphere, feels like youre on the moon when the music starts playing. Good game to. Not the best soundchip out-there but always good tunes and wonderfull 8-bit blipps and blopps if youre booting up your NES. Yes Metroid is the game im talking about :p
PROTRACKER AMIGA Protracker what wondefull software. To make your own music back in the 90s this was the most affordable option u had. It was free you only needed an Amiga and you were ready to go.

Nowadays the kids use VSTs instead :( :p

OUTRUN Out Run on Commodore 64 was one of my favourite games, mostly for the music "Magical Sound Shower" melody to the max while surfing the streets with a Ferrari :p Not as good as the arcade but the soundtrack was number one on the C64, 100% sidsound!
SUPER MARIO Super Mario Bros. Not much to say about this, averyone have played it, classic music, classic game, classic character yes MARIO :p the first really good platformgame for the home. Not sure there was anything like it before Super Mario Brothers came out?
TOPSPEED ARCADE Top Speed/Full Throttle has my favourite Arcade soundtrack 8-bit FM rock n roll to the max, perfect match to the crazy speed in this Out Run inspired racing game?

The best Arcade Soundchip same as Out Run :p
BUBBLE BOBBLE Bubble Bobble is a 1986 platform arcade game developed and published by Taito. It was distributed in the United States by Romstar, and in Europe by Electrocoin" Yes jump around and blow some bubbles at your enemies, great music 2 so you have something to listen to :p