ANSIKTSBURK meme P. Nyberg has a cassette tape with songs in Arabic by the artist Azar Habib, which his father got in Beirut many years earlier. He and his friend Johan Gröndahl think that some of the texts sound a bit like they could be Swedish words, soon ansiktsburk was born :p
The swedish version of Goli Maar, also known as Indian Thriller called Dålig Mat in Sweden, originated in India/Telegu from a 1985 Bollywood film "Donga" (or "Theif" in english) where a scene featuring the film's lead actor Chiranjeevi and some unnamed dancers do some dancmoves and other elements similar to Michael Jackson.. dålig mat MEME
HATTEN är DIN meme Hatten är Din! or "The hat is yours!" was a Swedish meme created in the year 2000, using the song "Habbeetik" from the tape "Meen ma Kenty/Habbaytek" performed by Azar Habib, a Lebanese Singer and composer. while intoxicated, swede pete bagge (whom recieved the tape from his friend Patrik Nyberg, whose father aquired the tape etc etc..
Jak e bök, when two finland-dudes get a questian about The Internet one of the guys starts to talk funny in home made Swedish and ends with Jak e Bök.

Dont know if he knows what he's talking about but..

jak e BÖK meme
Leifi Plomeros Leifi was funny prank calls made in the middle of the night to people that had inserted classifieds in Gula tidningen (The Yellow paper). Leifi talked with the accent of a finnish romani and was very aggressive and often started the calls polite and introduced himself as Leifi Plomeros and explained that he has seen this classified but eventually he often tried to buy weapon, drugs or sex from the person he called and got really..
"Vem var det som kasta" ("Forest Turk" in Swedish) is a video clip about a hapless quarrel at the Djäkneberget (a well-known park in Västerås, Sweden) that went viral in 2006, after remaining in obscurity for several years. The quarrel began after an unknown man (presumably a friend of the cameraman) threw a frisbee across the park, inadvertently hitting a dude dressed in white (dubbed as Skogsturken due to his appearance) and causing his drink to spill over the white dress shirt etc.. vem var det som kasta