90s Eurodance

E-TYPE E-Type, the legend says he has one of the biggest bratwursts in the eurodance buisness. Don't know if that is true anyway also known for being an ex speedmetal drummer and for having long hair.

Fast songs that goes zapp, zapp, zapp..
DJ BOBO Another classic "eurodancer" DJ BOBO but why did you cut your hair? Bad BOBO bad BOBO! Do like the guy above and let your hair grow long and beutiful again :p well maybe not, it takes alot of shampoo etc when you have long hair so beware and dont stare, shaken not stirred :p
THUNDERDOME Thunderdome, maybe not "eurodance" but lots of fun hardhitting fistpump-tracks, i think the first 3 collections are the best, lots of fun packed with hoovers and distorted bassdrums. Perfect for working out, getting out of control down in the basement etc..
2-UNLIMITED When No Limit came out it was one of my favourite tracks, i was working as a dishwasher at a restaurant and it was constantly playing on the tv they had there, pinball machines and that riff doo doo dodododo doo doo :p never got tired of it one of the best riffs out there!
THE PRODIGY More like "techno/rave/bigbeat" or something but classic dancy music, always tried that rave-dance with the feet and always failed. Out of space is an old favourite track of The Prodigy. A real masterpiece, not only for the dancefloor butt also for your home hi-fi system.
HADDAWAY Yes you've seen it the sketch from Saturday Night Live. Catchy tune and perfect for a ride in the car banging your head just like Jim Carry?

-Baby dont hurt me, dont hurt me, dont hurt me, no more.. Baby dont hurt me.. :p
DAS BOOT A cover of the original movie soundtrack, hard pumping raveish with a classic string melody. 123 TECHNO! Connect your Atari ST and make some noise :p the best submarine soundtrack techno track ever made! U96 - Das Boot (on Youtube), check it out!
JAMES BROWN IS DEAD Yes this is a classic, -James Brown is Dead! this could have been the first techno/rave track i ever heard. Cool sound! Old ravetracks with rap are the best :) also check out Human Resource - Rave o Lution Remix 1 for more rap in rave! Yes click the link now :p