Old Internet is a site that tribute the old crappy better more FUN internet between 1994-2007 :p thats when facebook started to kill internet forums, its also the name of somekind of record label? :p

Download T&D album 1

Download T&D album 2
Download WiNAMp 2000

Remember when you could seach for something and not finding any info about it, could have been around 1995 maybe, there wasnt much out there but things got better and better. Dont know when the peak was maybe around 2004 or something :p

There are also some newer stuff like memes on this site just to keep it little less boring as mordern minds dont like to read to much text? :p

Some links:

  • Macintosh Repository (old mac software)
  • RareWares (old codecs etc..)
  • MNX Atari-Music Site (midi)
  • Roland S-Series (samplers)
  • The Gumpa Brothers (music)
  • Swipnets Internet Museum (web archive)
  • Meme (old)
  • Eurodance (old)
  • VG-music (old)
  • Swipnets Internet Museum (web archive)
  • Geocities Midi Archive (midi files)