Old Internet is kind of a "record label" metal-band + the home site of the "crazy cat lady" Stazy Lore and various other projects from the same guy like Anabolic State and the new project Winamp 2000 + of course an secret organisation :p

Download < latest "album" Termminator by Stazy Lore?

Some links:

  • Macintosh Repository (old mac software)
  • RareWares (old codecs etc..)
  • MNX Atari-Music Site (midi)
  • Roland S-Series (samplers)
  • Tim's Atari World (software)
  • The Gumpa Brothers (music)
  • Swipnets Internet Museum (web archive)
  • Meme (old)
  • Eurodance (old)
  • VG-music (old)
  • Swipnets Internet Museum (web archive)
  • Geocities Midi Archive (midi files)